LibXtract  0.7.1
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feature extraction functions and data structures


typedef struct xtract_last_n_state_ xtract_last_n_state


xtract_last_n_state * xtract_last_n_state_new (size_t capacity)
void xtract_last_n_state_delete (xtract_last_n_state *last_n_state)
int xtract_last_n (const xtract_last_n_state *state, const double *data, const int N, const void *argv, double *result)

Detailed Description

Functions that extract a feature over multiple frames

Function Documentation

int xtract_last_n ( const xtract_last_n_state *  state,
const double *  data,
const int  N,
const void *  argv,
double *  result 

Write a vector of the last N input values to result

statea pointer to an xtract_peak_picker_state struct as allocated by xtract_peak_picker_state_new()
dataa pointer to a double representing the current input value
Nan integer representing 'N' the number of values to be written to *result
argva pointer to NULL
resulta pointer to an array of doubles representing the last N values, where the nth value is the current one. The array must have been allocated to size N elements and initialised by the caller