LibXtract  0.7.1
xtract_helper.h File Reference
#include <stdbool.h>
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int xtract_windowed (const double *data, const int N, const void *argv, double *result)
 Apply a window function to an array of length N. More...
int xtract_features_from_subframes (const double *data, const int N, const int feature, const void *argv, double *result)
 Divides the array pointed to by *data into two subframes, and applies a given feature to each subframe, returning them in a single array pointed to by result. More...
int xtract_is_denormal (double const d)
 Test whether a number is denormal.
bool xtract_is_poweroftwo (unsigned int x)
 Test whether a number is a power of two.
int xtract_smoothed (const double *data, const int N, const void *argv, double *result)
 Smooth a vector. More...

Detailed Description

: helper functions for making life with libxtract a bit more bearable